That's a question you should ask yourself

Nulook Floors director Wayne Smith has over 40 years experience in the seamless flooring business. After many years of being asked to set up a franchise business doing Seamless floors he decided 7 years ago to do it – That’s how Nulook floors came to be!

Wayne decided this could only work if we manufacture our own products to the highest quality available, specifically made for seamless flooring and only a licensed nulook floors applicator can purchase the product after he has been fully trained by head office. That way, the guy who owns the franchise lays your floor – Hence our company backed 5-year warranty!

Every floor is diamond ground to ensure the correct profile to obtain 100% adhesion. A moisture meter is also used to determine whether or not a waterproof moisture barrier is needed so to ensure proper adhesion

We are a national company and our customer feedback is awesome. A nulook floor won’t go yellow, fade or scratch easily and the big winner… NO MORE DUST!

We understand that everyone has choices when choosing what type of floor they want and who they are gong to trust enough to do the job right… as this is YOUR home! Price is a major factor in making this choice, but it should not be compromising the quality!

There are dozens of people masquerading as seamless flooring contractors. They use generic brands of epoxies and try to emulate our Nulook Floors. Its a fact they ALL know our pricing so don’t get caught up in $ savings for a loss in quality and guarantee – We have ten’s of thousands of happy customers

Our 4 layer nulook floor meets Australian Standard fire and slip ratings so will not effect your home insurance by putting down untested flammable floor coatings!

"The bitterness of a poor quality job remains a lot longer than the sweetness of a cheap job"

- Benjamin Franklin