Why you should have a Nulook Floors Epoxy Floor installed.

  • Continued support after the job is finished
  • Nulook Epoxy Concrete Floors are easy to clean
  • Heavy duty and extremely hard wearing
  • Nulook Epoxy Floors are cost effective
  • Epoxy Floors to suit individual conditions
  • Fully Trained Epoxy Flooring Technicians
  • Epoxy Flooring will add value to your home
  • Years of Experience creating Decorative Epoxy Flooring

Transform that Dull Floor with a Nulook Epoxy Floor

Whether it’s a garage, patio area, or large industrial workshop, Nulook Floors have the experience, expertise, man power and ability to handle the job for you. Give Nulook Floors a call and get a competitively priced quote for your Nulook Epoxy Floor covering today.


Nulook Floors specialise in turning ordinary looking concrete into the extraordinary with their revolutionary Nu Flake epoxy flooring system.

Nulook Floors expertise is in epoxy garage flooring; although we do apply the NuLook epoxy flooring system to numerous concrete floors. Ranging from coffee shop floors, patio flooring, retail shop floors, industrial flooring and many more. Come Visit our showrooms in Gold Coast, Melbourne and Ipswich.

Become a part of the Nulook Floors Team

  • If you’re a perfectionist like me, do what I did. Call the guys at NuLook Floors

    Russell Ingall
  • We wouldn’t park our cars on anything else

    Ross Stone
  • It Looks fantastic and is so easy to keep clean. It really gives the garage that smart feel

    Steve Johnson
  • I’m into my cars and bikes and I wouldn’t park them on anything but NuLook flooring

    Craig Baird
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Garage Floor

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Patio Floor

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